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  • Forgot Your Apple ID Password? Here’s How to Reset it Using Email

    Are you an Apple device user who’s having trouble accessing your iCloud, App Store, or iTunes account due to a forgotten password? Resetting your Apple ID password can be done easily using your email. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to reset Apple ID password using email. How to Reset Your […]

  • Must Know! How To Record Screen On Android Without Application

    How to screen record on Android is of course very easy to do. The good news is that you can also try this without having to use the application. Even so, many people don’t know about this feature and how to use it. In general, all Android smartphones are equipped with a screen record menu […]

  • 3 Steps on How to Change DNS on Android All Types!

    For those of you who often struggle with the internet and technology, you may be familiar with the term DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System. How  change DNS on Android is easy to do and not complicated. 3 ways will be discussed because everyone has different options in DNS settings on Android. In general, do […]

  • 3 Steps on How to Hide Apps on Android Easily and Quickly

    Now many have made mobile phones as a necessity and the main item that must be owned. Because mobile phones have many advantages such as being able to keep us connected with family and friends. Not only that because there are many things that can be done with a mobile phone. Then how to hide […]

  • How To Make Internet Faster On Android, It Must Work!

    How to make internet faster on Android you need to know. At this time we are facilitated by the advancement of a technology, one of which is the ease of accessing the internet. In the internet we can search for various knowledge information. How To Make Internet Faster On Android Easy! The ease of finding […]

  • Find Out How To Edit Videos Easily To Make Them Attractive!

    How to edit videos is very easy if you have special skills. Skills in video editing are increasingly needed in the creative industry. Along with rapid digital development, video content has become the number one entertainment. Many people relieve stress by looking for video entertainment. How to Edit Videos Easily Must Be Interesting! Video is […]

  • How to Delete Emails in Gmail, Very Easy and Fast!

    How to delete emails in Gmail, is important to know! Email is electronic mail that is commonly used to exchange messages between users via the internet. Sending messages via e-mail is much more efficient because it can immediately reach the recipient, even in just a matter of seconds. You can delete emails easily and practically. […]

  • How to Connect AirPods to Android Phone Device!

    How to connect AirPods to Android is interesting for you to know! AirPods are a pair of earphones that don’t have a cable, one of the products from Apple. The product is white, quite similar to the standard iPhone earphones, known as EarPods, but AirPods do not use a cable. This Is How to Connect […]

  • How To Copy Text From Image To Another Document

    How to copy text from image is still confusing and unknown to people. Sometimes maybe we have to write writing that comes from an image. For example, writing a subject matter or writing various other information. When we want to write it, of course, it is very troublesome if we have to write writing in […]

  • How To Uninstall Apps On iPhone Easily and Quickly

    How to uninstall apps on iPhone may still be unknown to some people who are new to the iPhone, maybe you also don’t know how to delete them. A smartphone is a communication device that has a lot of functions. It’s not just for sending messages or making calls with others. Nowadays smartphones have many […]

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