How To Uninstall Apps On iPhone Easily and Quickly

How to uninstall apps on iPhone may still be unknown to some people who are new to the iPhone, maybe you also don’t know how to delete them. A smartphone is a communication device that has a lot of functions. It’s not just for sending messages or making calls with others.

Nowadays smartphones have many other functions that are very useful for human needs. We can do various needs or activities using applications that can be installed on the phone. It is with this application that we can do many things. For example, working, looking for entertainment, or communicating with many people in the world.

The types of applications are also very diverse, for example, namely game applications to play various games. Then an application to play music or videos, an application for online learning, an online shopping application, and much more. The many types of useful applications, of course, we also often install and use.

How To Uninstall Apps On iPhone Easily and Quickly

How To Uninstall Apps On iPhone?

The number of applications that we install on the phone will certainly make the storage full. This can certainly have a bad impact on the performance of the phone. Because the phone can become slower and experience various other problems. This is certainly very uncomfortable when we use it.

Solve the problem, there is a way you can do it. This method is by deleting or customizing some applications installed on the phone. You can delete apps that are unimportant and useless. That way, the phone storage will be more spacious.

When you want to delete an application, maybe you have encountered a problem that you don’t know how. Especially if you just changed phones, for example, usually using Android and now using an iPhone. Of course, you will be a little confused about how to uninstall apps on your iPhone.

The step is not too difficult, here are some method for you to follow:

Remove Directly from Home Screen

This method of removing is done directly through your iPhone screen.

  • First, on the Home Screen screen select the application you want to remove.
  • Then press the app.
  • Next, several options will appear, select the Delete App menu.
  • Then click Delete and the application uninstall process will run.
  • Wait until the application has finished uninstalling.

Via Settings Menu

The next way is through the Settings menu. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  • Once open, swipe down and select the General menu.
  • Next will appear several options, select iPhone Storage.
  • Select the application you want to uninstall.
  • Click the app, then click Delete App.
  • To confirm the removal of the application click Delete App again.
  • Wait for a while and the application has been uninstalled.

Those are some ways you can do to install applications on an iPhone. With this explanation, of course, your question about how to uninstall apps on iPhone has been answered.






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