How To Copy Text From Image To Another Document

How to copy text from image is still confusing and unknown to people. Sometimes maybe we have to write writing that comes from an image. For example, writing a subject matter or writing various other information.

When we want to write it, of course, it is very troublesome if we have to write writing in an image manually. Especially if there is a lot of writing so it certainly makes your hands sore to rewrite it. However, now you don’t need to write it manually because there is already a way to copywriting from an image.

This way you don’t have to bother typing the writing in the picture manually. You just need to copy it and then paste it on the document like copying the text normally. Well, if you are curious about how to do it, then be sure to listen to the following discussion.

How To Copy Text From Image To Another Document

How To Copy Text From Image?

To be able to copy text from a photo, you can take advantage of several applications. Even so, the method is still easy, simple, and also fast. The necessary applications are also very easy to find. You also don’t need to be confused when you want to download it. Well, here are some applications and also how:

Google Lens

  • First, you can use Google Lens which can be accessed easily. Here are the steps:
  • Open Google Photos and select which photo you want to copy.
  • Then select the Lens feature, and you can highlight which text you want to copy.
  • If so, select Copy and you can paste the text into the document or word.

Text Fairy

The second way how to copy text from images is to use an application called Text Fairy. Here are the steps:

  • First, download the Text Fairy app through the Play Store.
  • Then open it, and allow the app to access the storage media within the phone.
  • Then you can take pictures or upload images whose text you want to copy.
  • If so, then you have to crop the image whose writing you want to copy, then select the writing language.
  • Wait for a while and after the writing appears then you can immediately copy and paste it into the document.

That’s the discussion about how to copy text from image that you can apply. In this way, of course, the activity of recording a piece of writing that comes from an image becomes easier and faster. You can also try it right now.






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