3 Steps on How to Hide Apps on Android Easily and Quickly

Now many have made mobile phones as a necessity and the main item that must be owned. Because mobile phones have many advantages such as being able to keep us connected with family and friends. Not only that because there are many things that can be done with a mobile phone. Then how to hide apps on Android easily?

3 Steps on Haow to Hide Apps on Android Easily and Quickly

3 Steps on How to Hide Apps on Android Easily and Quickly

We must ensure that our phones remain locked so that no personal information will come out. If the phone is often used by others, then the risk of data being leaked can be even greater. Now there is no need to worry because there is a simple way to reduce the chances that this can happen. Here’s how to protect personal information by easily hiding apps on Android.

How to Hide Through Android Settings

There are many versions of Android available today. It’s hard to have a lot of Android that can hide apps through the settings. But you should still note that this could have changed. Because Android is constantly updating the software interface that the manufacturer implements even later.

You can do this to the Settings section of your device. Then click on the gear icon present in the notification. Next search for the app or apps and notifications to open the app list. Then select and open the app you want to hide.

Using the app’s built-in folder

For you Samsung mobile users can use the Secure Folder feature. This feature serves to hide the application. So you can store private apps and personal data in the app folder that comes with a password. In addition to the password, you can also activate the PIN, fingerprint, pattern or iris for how to secure the applications in this folder.

Some Android devices can lock apps individually with a pattern lock or a numeric password. After assigning the key you are required to re-enter the pattern or password every time you access it. That way the locked app will be safe from unwanted access.

Using Third-Party Apps

If on your Android phone there are no two features above you can use third-party applications. You can use different launchers that will give you more control in how the interface works. One of the favorite applications that are commonly used is the Nova Launcher. The app provides many interface options for your device.

You can download the app, then click the Settings icon in Nova. Then click the App Drawer option and scroll down until you find the Apps section. After that select Hide apps. Select the apps you want to hide and click the arrow in the upper left corner when you’re done. That’s how to hide apps on Android. Good luck.





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