How To Transfer Files From Android to PC, Fast and Practical!

For certain needs, you likely have to transfer files such as photos, audio, or documents from your Android device to your PC. Both for backups and your other needs. So, how to transfer files from Android to PC?

How To Transfer Files From Android to PC, Fast and Practical!

How to Transfer Files from Android to PC, Easy and Fast

Even though HP has provided a storage location that is fairly sufficient and safe, some users want to move the storage of files, photos, videos, and so on to a PC. However, how?

As it turns out, how to move files from your phone to your PC is not a difficult matter. There are even several options for ways that you can try.

Although it sounds trivial, there are still many gadget users who don’t know how to move or transfer files from an Android device to a PC. Here’s an easy way you can move any file or data from your smartphone to your Personal Computer.

Using a USB Cable

One of the easiest ways how to transfer files from Android to PC is to use the device’s built-in USB cable. Some of the latest Android devices use USB Type-C, some use micro-USB, and others use mini-USB.

To transfer files, connect your device and PC using a USB cable. When the device is connected, the PC notifies that the user’s device has been detected.

Some smartphones will also display a pop-up notification explaining that the user granted permission to connect the two devices.

Next, browse the file you want to move inside your phone’s folder, then move it to the location you want it to be on your PC.


‘This method is almost the same as using the USB method, but without wires. You must make sure that the PC you are using supports BlueTooth connectivity.

Pair the device using BlueTooth. Well, after the two devices are connected, please open the PC file browser and then navigate to the phone storage. From there, select the files you want to move to the PC storage location.


Another alternative to transferring files from an Android device to a PC is via email. Users can simply send the email containing the file to their address or a backup email address. Next, open the email on your desktop and download the file you attached to the email.

Cloud Storage

If you are concerned about the security of transferring files using a USB cable or a device that is not supported by Bluetooth, then you can use a Cloud storage service to move files.

Commonly used storage services are Google Drive and Dropbox. Both offer free storage, but users must create an account first.

Most Cloud storage services have mobile apps. Users can use the application to upload files and then open them on the PC for the web version of this Cloud service to retrieve and move files.

Using the SHAREit App

SHAREit is an application that can be used on Android devices or PCs that you have. This application can move videos, photos, documents, audio, files, applications, and much more.

Files that you transfer using SHAREit will also not be compressed or degraded in quality. You can also send files from your phone to your phone, or your phone to your PC.

Well, those are somehow to transfer files from Android to PC. You can choose one of the several ways above that is the easiest and most suitable for you.





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