How To Uninstall Apps On Mac, Safe, Easy, 100% Successful!

OS X or mac OS applications can be installed easily. Similarly, the process of deleting applications or how uninstalling apps on Mac is quite easy. At first, it will indeed be difficult to delete applications on MacBook.

This is natural, considering that Mac OS X and macOS Sierra do not have a control panel like the Windows control panel. You also can’t just right-click and then delete the application by selecting the delete Mac application option.

How To Uninstall Apps On Mac, Safe, Easy, 100_ Successful!

Here’s How to Uninstall Apps on Mac for Users

Macs and MacBooks are other alternatives to PCs and laptops that can be used to run various activities that Android and iPhones cannot do. In its use, Mac has various advantages that you can get.

This is thanks to the ecosystem from Apple which makes it easier for users to connect various devices from Apple products. Not only is it efficient, but the performance of your Mac can’t be underestimated. All thanks to high-performance chipsets, such as the M1 chip.

In using a Mac, of course, not all applications on this device you need and use often. Too many less important applications can hinder the performance of a device.

Mac users need to remove (uninstall) applications that are considered not so important. Summarizing from various sources, here are some ways how to uninstall apps on Mac safely and easily.

Using Launchpad

The first way you can use to uninstall applications on a Mac is to use Launchpad. Yes, although you can’t uninstall the app by right-clicking the app, you can delete the Mac app directly from the launchpad. Here are the steps:

  • Open the launchpad on the Mac you are using
  • Furthermore, you will find various applications there
  • Drag the app you want to delete to the Trash Can located in the bottom right corner of the Dock
  • Confirm the removal of Mac applications
  • You can also delete by holding down the Option key on the keyboard and then an icon (x) will appear in the upper left corner of each app icon
  • Click to uninstall Mac apps and then confirm app removal

Using the Finder

Another way you can use is to find the application you want to uninstall by utilizing the search field. Here are the steps:

  • Search for the app you want to uninstall in the Finder
  • Then press the Command key + double-click the application in Spotlight
  • Drag the app you want to uninstall to Trash Can or you can also select the app you want to delete then select Files and move it to Trash Can
  • Continue the process by right-clicking the Trash icon in the Dock and selecting Empty Trash

Using the Uninstaller

You only need to take advantage of the CleanMyMac application found on the Mac you are using to uninstall the application on the Mac. Here are the steps:

  • Open the CleanMyMac app
  • Then open the uninstall feature found in CleanMyMac
  • Choose which apps you want to uninstall from the Mac you’re using
  • Click Uninstall in the app you have selected
  • CleanMyMac will uninstall the app you selected earlier. Wait until the process is complete

Well, those are some ways to delete apps on Mac easily. The methods above cannot be used to uninstall the default applications that have been installed previously from the Mac operating system. Only third-party apps can be removed using this method.






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